Are you running a start-up, in need of capital, but have a number of doubts about how to raise it? Are you generating your first revenues in Poland and considering whether it's the right time to expand abroad? Have you built a product, but your marketing strategy is not working? Or maybe you want to start your adventure as an investor? Benefit from my experience built on a decade of operations and thousands of start-ups. Make an appointment for a personalized consultation where we will talk about the topic of your choice.

Why consultation?

In the start-up world, paradoxically, everyone faces similar problems. Whether they relate to raising financing, sales or managing a team - in most cases there are already ready-made solutions on the market, but they are hard to come by. The lack of a culture of knowledge sharing means that many people have to come to conclusions on their own that others have long since developed. Thus, the same mistakes are made, resulting in wasted time and money. An experienced advisor helps prevent this. Using knowledge from similar cases, he facilitates a series of decisions, showing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. As a result, it makes the task easier for the person facing a particular challenge.

For whom?

  • Start-up
  • Business angel
  • Businessman

Examples of consultation areas:


  • What should I improve in my pitch decks?
  • How do I start a conversation with an investment fund?
  • Is it the right time for an outside investor?


  • How to start an overseas expansion?
  • How to sell effectively in B2B?
  • What metrics to use when selling?


  • How to choose communication channels?
  • How to use marketing to support sales?
  • How to estimate marketing budgets?


  • How to analyze start-ups?
  • How much to invest at a certain stage?
  • How to exit an investment and sell my shares?


  • How to structure an ESOP?
  • Jak zawrzeć founders’ agreement?
  • How to build a team?

Jak zacząć

1. Wyślij wiadomość przez formularz kontaktowy. Napisz, co ma być przedmiotem konsultacji i załącz informacje o spółce, której ma dotyczyć rozmowa.

2. Poczekaj na informacje zwrotną dot. warunków i dostępnych terminów.

3. Zaakceptuj warunki i umów się na rozmowę online.

The individual consultation lasts one hour and takes place online. The waiting period is up to several weeks. Due to the high level of interest, I undertake consultations only with selected individuals.

Join the hundreds of people I have worked with so far and don't be left alone with your challenges.